It's Here!

If you're reading this, it means we've made it to the rebrand - finally!

It also means it's time for me to re-introduce myself.

I had started my past website and Instagram page way back a long time ago as Robbie Dobbs because it was my dad's nickname when he was in high school. At the time, it felt like an important way to honor his memory. One of my largest motivations for pursuing photography is to intentionally create and capture memories - with the full knowledge that in too many situations, memories are all we are left with when Life happens (which, as we have all witnessed in this past year... life happens). Photography is an incredible means of creating memories in tangible form - a gift that we so often cannot appreciate until it's too late. While Robbie Dobbs was perfect for what I needed at the time, I am immensely excited for this account and business to graduate to something with my name on it... even though that makes it about a bajillion times scarier!

(Also, one too many people on Instagram called me Robbie.)

So, it's time to officially welcome you to Anna Claire Photography!

I'm so thankful and humbled to have you here!

Back in March of 2020, when the world as we knew it ended, I was working from home, then unemployed, then working from home again, and although I will never pretend I was functioning well during that time (hello, fellow INFJs & empaths), I started scrounging together the first glimmers of a rebranding plan to elevate this little business of mine. This included plans to grow my portfolio and serve more people to the best of my ability, while unapologetically focusing my brand on couples (especially you adventurous folks!).

If there is one thing that this year has taught me, it's just how important art and media are to my life. Through quarantine and wrestling with my mental health, as I know many of us were, it became abundantly clear to me that art is not something I can just put on the back burner until the time is right. The time might never be right, and I needed to stop being afraid of the work it takes to build it up - and stop being afraid of the failure that might inevitably come as a part of putting myself out there.

I missed this, immensely. I missed working with people.

I missed creating and playing with my camera.

And it was time.

So, here we are! About 6 months later, while the world really not in that much of better shape (maybe the shock factor has just worn off), at least something small has come out of all this that I am immensely proud of.

This launch comes with new branding, a website refresh, pretty new story highlights, as well as one of my favorite things... coming a bit later in the month... a print shop!

I can't wait to hear what you all think - and please let me know if you find any typos as you're browsing. ;)

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for coming along for the ride and seeing me through while I figure this whole thing out. I'm so grateful you're here!